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Once I was ready to learn more about plant based diets, I watched “Forks Over Knives” and “What the Health.“

 "Cowspiracy” helped me understand more of the environmental impact of our current unsustainable food system.  You can easily find these films on Amazon Prime, YouTube or Google Play.

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Here are some other very wonderful and inspiring videos to watch.  
Transforming the way you view food may not happen all at once, but I’d be very surprised if you could watch these videos and not be moved to consider the possibility of your own improved health and longevity, on a whole plant food diet.

  • Here is a full length Interview with fellow Plant Based Coach, Jeanne Schumacher.
  • July 11th Facebook live event with Jeanne Schumacher. We talked about the Menopause, compared notes, and had some good laughs.
    Live and Learn, The Plant Based Way Tonight's topic: menopause. July 11, 2019

    Live and Learn, The Plant Based Way Tonight's topic: menopause. July 11, 2019

    Posted by Simply Plant Based on Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • Live n Learn - Plant Based: Menopause - Part 2

  • Here is an episode of Health Matters with Rosie Bank, a fellow health coach.
    We talk in depth about starting a plant based diet. Take a listen:

  • When I was first getting interested in Veganism, I was inspired by this Farm Sanctuary Video:

  • Brenda Davis, RD is just fabulous.  Her book Becoming Vegan is outstanding as a reference.

  • Jeff Novick on Calorie Density, a most important video:

  • Neal Barnard, MD from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine speaking about insulin resistance and the real culprit in type II Diabetes.

  • Doug Lisle on the Pleasure Trap (also a book)

  • This is also Doug Lisle: How to Lose Weight without Losing your Mind.

  • A wonderful book to read is How Not to Die by Michael Greger, MD. 

    This is a very comprehensive review of the science behind our top fifteen causes of death, followed by a section describing exactly what to eat.   He has a cookbook by the same name.  His handy Daily Dozen food guide, is also available as an App.  I refer to this guide often.  

    His website, Nutrican Facts is a tremendously valuable resource.  Brenda Davis, RD has published Becoming Vegan and Becoming Raw, among other books.  These are terrific references.  There is a chapter on pregnancy and lactation in Becoming Vegan that I found incredibly helpful for my pregnant patients.  

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