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April 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by A New View of Food

If you're looking to improve your health and change your lifestyle, a whole plant food diet is a great option for you. It's healthy and rewarding — and you'll feel better about yourself when you embark on your health food journey. A New View of Food is a plant-based physician, vegan lifestyle coach and educator that is ready to help you take the leap into veganism or whole plant food diets.

Whether you're struggling to understand what a healthy diet entails, or if you're just wondering if it's the right move for you, we can help.  

Services that help you on your healthy diet journey

If you're used to a lifestyle that isn't totally healthy, you might think that you're in for a wake-up call, and you wouldn't be totally wrong. Changing to a plant food diet is something that will take some getting used to, but will absolutely change your life for the better.

At A New View of Food, we understand that the transition can be shaky, which is why we provide our select services to make it easier for you. Not only do we help new plant-based food dieters, but we also love to help those who are familiar with veganism and healthy eating. We love forging strong bonds with others who love to eat the same way we do.

Although a vegan diet is great for animals and the environment, there are still many processed, unhealthy foods that are classified as vegan. That being said, although veganism is generally healthy, a whole plant food diet is typically even healthier.

To learn more about A New View of Food's services, keep reading.

Market tours

Not quite sure what veggies would go great together for your healthy, balanced dinner? Interested in learning about the fruits and vegetables that you've never heard of? Our market tours are perfect for you! This service provides three hours of shopping time at a market of your choice. We'll help you read food labels and decide which foods are the healthiest for your whole plant food diet.

Transformation coaching programs

Are you looking to make the switch to healthy living? A New View of Food offers 12-, three- or six-month transformation programs to help make you the best version of yourself. You'll get weekly phone support, as well as the knowledge you need to make the right eating choices. We'll also guide you with sleep and stress management. We can also help coach you into a whole plant food diet if you've still been eating some processed vegan foods.


This service is perfect for anyone looking to start a transformation. This service offers an eight-hour home visit in which we'll clean out your kitchen and get rid of everything processed (even some vegan processed foods!). We'll talk about why specific foods are so bad for you and what you can use as a replacement to get the same satisfaction. This service also includes a market tour where we'll shop for foods that fit perfectly in your new healthy kitchen. Upon returning home, we'll cook two healthy meals with multiple servings to ensure that you have enough for the week ahead.

Nosh and Know

For smaller and larger groups, we'll come to your home and cook three different meals. We'll talk about the benefits of each and why they're so good for your body. All of the meals will be whole plant food diet-based.

Lunch and Learn

Our Lunch and Learn programs are catered to your needs and involve us coming to your workplace to give seminars on the importance of healthy, plant-based eating.

Ready to get started with A New View of Food?

If our services sound like something that could change your life, feel free to give us a call at 650-868-5584 to learn more! We can't wait to hear from you!